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Mods: Installing Genuine Subaru Performance Parts on the 2015 WRX
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In the last issue, Drive Performance featured a Sport Package for the 2015 WRX with must-have STI upgrades for the WRX enthusiast.


So if you bought a 2015 WRX without the package and now you’ve changed your mind, or you don’t want the whole package, take heart, WRX fans. Subaru makes them all available separately!


Pump up the performance and style of your 2015 WRX by selecting any or all of the four parts that make up the package (requires 6-speed manual transmission):

  • Let your engine breathe better and your car sound more like the performance machine it is with an STI Performance Exhaust System.
  • Row through the gears with sharper, more precise shifts with the STI Short-Throw Shifter.
  • Raise the bar on style with the STI Shift Knob’s high-grade aluminum and leather – an authentic performance sports sedan look.
  • The alloy STI 15-spoke 17" Black Wheels look sinister, and their lighter weight gives a mean edge to the car’s already impressive handling performance.





  • Adickes did not have instruction sheets for any of these installations.
  • Although a lift would not be mandatory to perform these installs, one 
would be helpful for the exhaust system and shifter.
  • To help prevent damage to the car’s electronics or battery, 
disconnect the battery’s ground cable before beginning.



So we lined up all four of them at the Subaru Tech Center in Cherry Hill, New Jersey, one frosty February morning and asked Senior Master Technician Scott Adickes to install them on a new WRX. The following will give you an idea of what it takes to install these parts so you can determine whether to have them installed at your Subaru retailer or to tackle the job yourself.




Performance Exhaust System


Once the WRX was raised up on the lift, Adickes unbolted the original-equipment manufacturer (OEM) exhaust pipe from immediately behind the catalytic converter.

He sprayed the muffler hangers with lubricant and unhooked the pipes and mufflers with hanger-removal pliers.

He then lifted down the entire cat-back assembly.

The performance system kit has new gaskets, nuts, and bolts to replace the old ones.

Adickes hung the new system – in pieces – onto the original hangers, then connected them using the new gaskets, nuts, and bolts. He tightened them to the specs listed in the WRX service manual with a torque wrench.

As part of finishing the installation, Adickes cleaned residue and fingerprints from the pipes and mufflers.





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