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Earning the Scars:
 Flatirons Tuning Rally Car

Rally cars wear their battle scars with pride. And as proud as any team is of a victory, teams are usually more proud of overcoming adversity with something that threatened to take the car out of the race – because finishing is the most important thing.


Every rally team, right up to the highest level of the World Rally Championship, always carries a modest set of tools and a spare wheel and tire in the car during the race. And for good reason: In most other forms of motorsports, if the race car has a mechanical issue or is damaged in some other way, the driver pulls into the pits for the crew to take a look at it. If the damage is even moderate, the car is retired from the race.

But in a rally, the first goal is to finish, regardless of the challenges out in the stages. Since most stages are run on remote roads, the driver and co-driver are the ones who have to patch up the car, get through the stage, and deliver the car back to the crew at the next service so they can repair it to be able to continue.


We built our rally car to accomplish all that.



Origins of Flatirons Tuning

Flatirons Subaru is located in Boulder, Colorado, where Subaru vehicles are abundant, and it’s common to see Subaru owners who love their vehicles. In 2001, when Subaru first prepared to release the WRX in the United States as a 2002 model, the amount of enthusiasm surrounding its release was a bit unusual. As sales of the WRX quickly added up, their owners started to ask more and more questions about what else they could do to make them faster, handle better, and so on.

Around that time, Scott Crouch and Gary Raymer, who were both working at Flatirons Subaru, came together and knew that these Subaru performance customers presented a unique opportunity. So they decided to open up a performance division, founding Flatirons Tuning.

Since then, Flatirons Tuning has specialized in preparing Subaru performance vehicles, and their business has continued to grow as they find new ways to supply and support performance-minded Subaru owners.





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