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Subaru WRX CONCEPT World Premiere

Unveiled: The bold and powerful Subaru WRX Concept reveals a vision for the next-generation WRX!


The Subaru WRX CONCEPT debuted at the New York International Auto Show on March 28, 2013. Renderings were available before press time, along with notes about design elements. See many of the design highlights follow. View WRX CONCEPT images from the show.



Front Design



1 - Carbon-fiber roof reduces overall weight and helps lower the center of gravity

2 - Hawk eye headlamps integrate Subaru family design heritage

3 - Hexagonal grille with three-dimensional mesh patterns denotes sportiness

4 - Exterior color WR Blue Pearl III

5 - Longer, lower, and stronger

6 - Emphasis on aggressiveness, depth, solidity, and a stable stance

7 - Bold fender flares represent strong driving performance

8 - Large front bumper opening, classic WRX hood scoop, fender ducts, and pronounced power bulge indicate potent turbocharged engine performance







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