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Subaru Drive Performance (DP) WRX: Update from Penn State

The college career of the DP WRX has started as an active one. Since its delivery to Dr. Joel R. Anstrom and the university’s Graduate Automotive Technology Education (GATE) Program students last July, they have used it as a daily driver for university business and entered it in performance events. As would be expected from a university research department, they’ve logged gas mileage.

Dr. Anstrom wrote: “Max [Ripepi] and I had the car at several SCCA Solo® events. We managed to polish off the Dunlop® summer tires at the last one. We’re debating what to replace them with for next season.”


Along with his students, Dr. Anstrom is determining the direction they’ll take for installing a bi-fuel system in the car for comparing test data versus the original fuel system. “There are many available,” Dr. Anstrom noted, “some more sophisticated than others. We would prefer a more ‘open source’ system we can tune and learn from. These tend to be more expensive and require a steeper learning curve.”

The supplier of a natural gas system for another departmental project has encouraged use of compressed natural gas (CNG). That would require a bi-fuel gasoline conversion “retaining the use of gasoline for long trips where CNG may not be available,” remarked Dr. Anstrom. “Other issues regard space required for CNG tanks and the addition of significant weight to the rear, upsetting weight distribution.”

In addition, an engineering honors student is working with a fuel-injection system that has potential as a dual fuel controller in the WRX.

Which way will they go? We’ll follow the progress of the DP WRX in future
issues. Read more about its delivery to Penn State, the GATE Program, and Dr. Anstrom’s plans in Version 9.3.






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