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Performance Profile:
Skateboarding – Bucky Lasek’s Other Set of Wheels

Bucky’s Backyard Bowl


Lasek practices in the world’s largest backyard bowl - that’s in his backyard. Photo: MRZ

His burgeoning career provided Lasek and his wife with the means to purchase their dream house in Encinitas, a beach town just north of San Diego. Lasek described how the house is located in horse country on the outskirts of town.


Part of the property is on a hillside that was not landscaped and was covered in weeds and rocks. Lasek said he stood there with his agent and said, “This would be awesome to have a bowl up here.” He said they chuckled and laughed. But a few years later, Lasek’s dream came true. His sponsors helped him build what is now regarded as the world’s largest backyard bowl – 100 feet long, approximately 45 feet wide, and 13.5 feet deep.


Fellow skateboarders and friends gather for bowl-side parties. (You’ll find some featured on YouTube.) Lasek’s bowl is ideal for training and sharpening his skateboarding skills.



Never an Off-Season
In February 2013, Bucky Lasek was lucky enough to spend a few days in New Hampshire “slaying some snow,” as he described it on his Facebook® page. He and Ryan Tuerck were shooting video at Team O’Neil Rally School & Car Control Center for an episode of Tuerck’s “Off Seasons” online show at

We caught up with Lasek after he had spent a few days driving rally cars sideways at speed in deep snow. It might have been the official off-season for professional skateboarders and rallycross teams, but that didn’t mean he was sitting at home watching TV or vacationing.

While driving for the TV show, Lasek also put in valuable in-car seat time, improving his skills at handling a rally car in mud and snow. Most rally and rallycross aficionados would agree that learning to drive cars in the snow from an early age is one of the major reasons Scandinavian drivers perform so well in those sports. “I might have Baltimore blood in me, but driving in slippery conditions is my weakest skill,” admitted Lasek.




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