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Subaru Rally Team
Chef Nick Alburger:
Home Cookin’ On the Road

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As chef for Subaru rally team usa (SRT USA) and Subaru puma rallycross team (SPRT), Nick Alburger is constantly able to improve his culinary skills in adapting to a multitude of different palates. All in all, it requires a considerable amount of discipline, which he says comes from more than just a military background. According to Alburger, “I’ve raised eight kids. If that doesn’t prepare you, I don’t know what does.”





What kind of person does it take to prepare the nutritional fuel required by high-energy members of a rally racing team? Nick Alburger’s profile will give you an idea.



Chef extraordinaire for SRT USA and SPRT.


Words He Lives By:

Do what others won’t, without hesitation.


Bread and Butter:

Prepares daily meals and snacks for 10 to 50+ people on or with SRT USA and SPRT – drivers, technicians, engineers, their families, PR and marketing execs, and team owner Lance Smith. Travels 300 days a year. Decided to do this instead of retiring.


Key Mentor:

Dad, a former chef for the U.S. Army.


How He Got the Job:

Offered to cook dinner for the team. Next thing he knew, Lance Smith was asking him to cook at the next race.


Cooks Where?

In a Class A motor home equipped with typical kitchen appliances.


Secret Weapons:

His knives and double boiler pot.


Favorite Methods:

Grilling. Baking. Steaming. (No frying here. The team eats a ton, but it’s all healthy.)


“Signature” EntrĂ©e:

Grilled salmon – preferably freshly caught from Washington state. (See the Online Exclusive on page 2 for the recipe.) His stove-top chicken comes in a close second.


Most Addictive Dessert:

His homemade, maple syrup-laced applesauce turns serious grown-ups into bowl-licking infants.



First-press olive oil, quality coffee, and local ingredients whenever possible.



Cleanliness. Flexibility. Dedication. Detail.


On the Homefront:

Lets his wife – also a whiz in the kitchen – be the cook.


Favorite Meal of the Day:








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