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Tech Features Abound in the All-New 2014 Turbo Forester

Electrifying Power Steering


All Forester models gain electric power steering, which delivers agile response and better steering feel. The switch to this electric unit versus the previous hydraulic mechanism equates to a fuel efficiency boost of approximately 2 percent.



Cabin Features – Comfort and Convenience with a Modern Feel



Multi-Function Display


The standard version in the 2.5i model relays typical key data such as outside temperature, time, a selection of fuel economy displays, and driving range.


In all other 2014 Forester models, the 4.3-inch display also shows the view from the standard rear-vision camera, audio and Bluetooth®1 information, vehicle self-check and maintenance reminder, and, where applicable, X-MODE and Hill Descent Control operation.



Forward Thinking for Safer Driving


Now available on Forester, the Subaru advanced EyeSight2 system acts like a second set of eyes to detect obstacles in front of the vehicle. This technology includes stereo cameras mounted on either side of the interior rearview mirror that continuously scan the road ahead for potential hazards. If they spot something, the system issues an alert. If the driver doesn’t respond and it becomes obvious that unless something happens the vehicle will hit an object, EyeSight will order the car to brake.

Read more about EyeSight in Fall 2012 Drive.



Aha™3 Infotainment


Subaru has teamed up with Aha, owned by stereo maker HARMAN, to bring Web service providers into the automobile. Aha serves as an in-dash app used in conjunction with a supported smartphone.

Forester models equipped with Aha will give the driver the ability to listen to thousands of Web radio stations and apps such as Slacker® and MOG alongside the regular AM/FM and satellite radio rotation. Aha also delivers real-time traffic reports and even suggests restaurants, when requested.



1 Bluetooth is a registered trademark of Bluetooth SIG, Inc.

2 EyeSight is a driver-assist system which may not operate optimally under all driving conditions. The driver is always responsible for safe and attentive driving. System effectiveness depends on many factors such as vehicle maintenance, and weather and road conditions. See Owner’s Manual for complete details on system operation and limitations.

3 Aha is a trademark of HARMAN International Industries, Inc.


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