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Letters from Readers

Photos: Anna D Bruce Photography



Joslin and Corey


by Anna Bruce, Springfield, VA


As a portrait photographer, I always love to hear about what brings a couple together. Being in a marriage where hubby and I share the same love for Subaru vehicles, I was thrilled when Corey and Joslin won my New Year’s Engagement Session Giveaway. They, too, share this strong love.



About Corey and Joslin


Corey and Joslin are from Virginia Beach, Virginia, and were engaged on May 22, 2010 – their prom night. While walking on the beach, Corey started telling Joslin about how much he loved her and wanted to spend the rest of his life with her, and right there he proposed. Corey said it was totally unexpected.


The very next day, they went ring shopping.




About the Cars


The first time Joslin laid eyes on Corey’s 2004 WRX, she knew there was something different about a Subaru. So when an opportunity came to buy her own 2004 WRX, she jumped right on it!


Joslin asked Corey to test-drive the car since she wasn’t a stick-shift driver at that time. After his thumbs-up, Joslin made it happen! Roobi was the car’s new name, and she was Joslin’s!



The Engagement Shoot


For the engagement session with me in January 2012, Joslin and I started to talk about what to do. We knew it was going to be a Subaru-themed shoot!


Joslin wanted to stay local, because she wanted to do some beach pictures. We planned our shoot for early on a Sunday morning, and it was fabulous. I hand-painted some Subie logo signs in some of their favorite colors as gifts!


Corey and Joslin married in September 2012!





Joslin sold her 2004 WRX for the real car of her dreams – a 2005 Forester XT Premium 5 Speed, aka Foxi Foz. Joslin was happy we did the shoot while Roobi was still hers, because she will always have these photos to remind her of that time in her life.


Corey and Joslin constantly work on their cars together. I love seeing all their photos and posts on Facebook® and that Subaru has been a common ground for these two lovebirds.



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