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I Survived ... Riding with a Subaru Rallycross Driver

Impressions of the 2014 Forester XT


After two days in the 250-horsepower, turbocharged 2014 Forester XT, Subaru Puma Rallycross Team (SPRT) driver Bucky Lasek declared it as "sportier looking, more aggressive, and a lot of fun to drive."


We had the vehicle – this new edition of the turbocharged Forester – and we knew just anyone wouldn’t do for a driving impression. We needed someone to push the limits and prove what it could do.


We chose 17-time X Games skateboarding
medalist and current SPRT driver Bucky Lasek. If he can drive his rally car off a ramp and ride a barrier with it, he’d be perfect for the challenge.



First Impression:


“The first thing I noticed when I got in the car is visibility. The mirrors moved from the windows to the doors broaden your visual and open up your perception so you can see more. There were no blind spots; you could see everywhere; there was not one pillar blocking.” - Bucky Lasek

Ready or Not


As one of this magazine’s staff members, I picked up the Forester XT Touring in Los Angeles. I opened up the sunroof, hit the road, and enjoyed the drive to Encinitas, California, to pick up our guest driver. It was my first time behind the wheel of a turbo model, and it was one 
powerful machine.



I met Bucky at 2012 Subiefest last September when I rode alongside him in his personal WRX STI for the autocross event. I recalled how his speed and command of the vehicle had made me feel giddy. I had never experienced a car driven so hard and so fast into the corners! Yet he had a smooth, calm driving style.


I had a blast then, but would this ride be the same? I knew he was a relaxed and laid-back kind of guy, but what would driving outside a closed course bring? How hard and how extreme would or could he drive in a Forester? I was about to 
find out.




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