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I Survived ... Riding with a Subaru Rallycross Driver


Day 1: All Around Town


  • Automatic mode
  • Traction Control on
  • SI-DRIVE: Sport mode



  • City streets
  • Winding two-lane residential roads
  • Stop to drop off daughter at a horse farm
  • Out to lunch (Chinese)




I pulled up to his house and was greeted by his dogs and family. Some of them were going along for the journey. We hooked up the GoPro® cameras, and Bucky jumped in the driver’s seat, while his teenage daughters, Paris and Devon, settled into the rear seat. (Little did they know what they were in for!) The locale provided adventurous winding roads to experience the 2.0-liter turbo engine and vehicle handling.


Sitting beside Bucky: Fun and exciting – Forester contributed the fun; Bucky put in the exciting. The roads we drove were a perfect fit for this vehicle or vice versa. Plenty of power to dive into the curves and maintain full control – no problem.


What was it like to be in the back seat? Wide-mouthed girls, holding on for dear life – this was their first experience with their dad driving tight, windy roads at full speed.


“This was the longest Disneyland® ride I’ve ever been on in my life.” - Devon Lasek, daughter



Day 2: Conquering the Mountain


  • Manual mode with paddle shifters
  • Traction Control off
  • SI-DRIVE: Sport #



  • Highway 76
  • Winding two-lane up to Mount Palomar and back down
  • Dirt and gravel local roads
  • Through a stream


To get away from the city streets and traffic, we headed to Palomar Mountain – the perfect test. The two-lane roads leading up and down the mountain provide sharp, tight turns, a great way to further test the Forester and showcase the powerful Subaru Core Technology.


Sitting beside Bucky: OMG! I was prepared to go flying through a guardrail at any point and tumble down the mountainside. Driving into each blind bend provided an unknown (did I mention I hate driving next to cliffs!), but it was a maximum thrill ride I would do again.


We made it up and down safely, never missing a turn and never going wide – whew! Skilled and precise are what come to mind about Bucky’s driving, and, according to him, he drove the same way he would with his family in the car. (I’m pretty sure those girls would’ve been screaming on that trip!)





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