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Subaru Show Car Trailer

Subaru Motorsports fans: This trailer is for you! It’s all about Subaru PUMA RallyCross Team (SPRT) and performance. So take a walk-through tour, and when it visits a dealer in your area, stop by to see it.



With the SPRT show car removed, you can find Subaru goodies inside!

Check out struts, springs, and other suspension pieces available from Subaru Performance Tuning. Aluminum arms, sway bars, and more are on display. Pick up copies of brochures and Drive Performance magazine.

The poster gives you background information on Subaru Performance Tuning. SPRT driver Bucky Lasek hangs with fans in the trailer. Pick up exclusive team swag. Team drivers make several appearances at select dealerships and events every year.

Read biographies of SPRT drivers Sverre Isachsen, Dave Mirra, and Bucky Lasek.

Here’s what you can see at a stage rally spectator area. A map shows event locations.

One monitor features SPRT’s Launch Control video series. The other plays in-car and other action footage.

More Subaru Performance Tuning parts.
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