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Letters from Readers

    Photos: Alexander Roach Photography

Roller-Coaster Ride

by Alex Roach, San Francisco, CA


Last October I got a chance to drive down a good portion of California State Route 1 in my Rex right after she got new springs and shocks. The car handled as if it was on a roller-coaster track. Definitely, I’m glad I have this kind of car to experience those kinds of roads.





At Berthoud Pass

by Timothy Bowers, Sumter, SC


My 2013 Plasma Blue WRX on the right is next to my friend’s 2011 WRX STI at the top of Berthoud Pass near Winter Park in Colorado. We had a fun winter drive (winter tires, of course), driving like it was a nice, warm, sunny, summer day!


You can see how much fun we had in the switchbacks and how much slush on the road was kicked up during our day of play. The fact that everyone else was crawling along made us aware that other cars on the road may not have the same optimal traction in the current conditions. It really brought the true capabilities of our Subaru AWD to light!


Editor’s Note: When driving your WRX or WRX STI on snow-covered 
or icy roads, we strongly recommend the use of winter (snow) tires.




Bugeye Love

by Dan Cee, Raytown, MO


Over the last nine years I’ve driven my WRX to work each day, on trips to Chicago and St. Louis, on camping weekends in rural Missouri, to the Perryville Farm and Forest Rally (twice), and this year on its second trip to the Rally in the 100 Acre Wood. While I was autocrossing, I drove it to the national championships in Topeka and Lincoln (to take pictures for friends – I’m too slow to go for a trophy).


Not once has this car let me down. During one camping weekend, the WRX was the only vehicle that could get uphill after the rain stopped, so pickup and SUV owners had to ride uphill with me.


Every time I take it to the dealership for scheduled maintenance, I wander around the showroom looking at the new models, but I just can’t bear to part with my bugeye.




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