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Fit to Be a Champion: David and Kara Higgins on Diet and Exercise
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Stage rallies are mental and physical endurance events. When asked what effect his diet and exercise regime have on his rally driving, Higgins said, “It’s the self-confidence: When you feel better, you feel more outgoing. It definitely helps.


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Go behind the scenes with Subaru Rally Team USA and the Subaru PUMA RallyCross Team.

“There’s also the fitness part in the car: A rally is tiring mentally, because you’re taking information from the co-driver. The physical side is not the difficult part because I’m training for other sports that are so much more physically demanding.


“I don’t get tired from driving. I thought I didn’t used to, but I got more aches and pains and things, when I think back on it.


“The fitter you can be, the better.” And the better you’re able to contend for rally championships.


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Porsche Human Performance Centre


David Higgins: “I have some help in the U.K. from the Porsche Human Performance Centre [Silverstone]. They do a lot of Formula 1® drivers, and they have a hydration drink they use to help monitor your sweat. 

“They give you a proper, purpose-made drink at the right level for you. 

“You go and do tests. I do reaction tests the same as Mark Webber [Formula 1 driver] and those guys do. They monitor everything you do.

“I did the test and had great results. 

“Then I went back a few weeks ago. We had had a couple drinks one night after a rallycross, and my performance was 14 percent down. So that just highlights how bad having just a couple of drinks can be.

“All these people helping makes you aware that what you think is harmless can actually have an effect when it’s monitored by computers. 

“The Centre’s program is not ideal for me. They want me to eat five proper meals every single day. In reality, when you’re traveling and doing daylong reconnaissance and doing rally, it’s not possible. You have to prepare as best you can.”




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