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Category Winners


Best Air – Matthew Landers

Submitted by: Erika Detota


Driver Erika Detota and co-driver Mary Warren in the 2013 Empire State Performance Rally. Clocked at 105 mph in the air, this all-woman team took 2nd place in class.



Get Dirty – Danny Phillips

Avon, Indiana


2013 Indiana Rallycross event on May 18 at Badlands Offroad Park, Attica, Indiana. It was an incredibly dusty race. Every car was tossing up giant plumes of dust at every turn, which made for some great pictures. 



Old School – Steve Weaver

Steamboat Springs, Colorado


1988 Subaru GL 4Lo at Mt. Warner in Steamboat Springs, Colorado. My wagon has +214k miles and still gets me anywhere in this valley I can dream of.



Hot Mods – Michael Wray

Tacoma, Washington


I plastic dipped my tail light on my 2004 WRX Stage 3 and wanted to do something different than just all-black tail light. I cut the Subaru rally logo out. I did a mirror image on the driver side too! When I park in my garage it casts the logo on the wall in red.


On Course – Sage Van Tilburg

Vancouver, Washington


David Higgins and Craig Drew with their #75 Subaru WRX STI on day 3 of the Oregon Trail Rally.




Among Friends – Jim Shute

Perry, New York


 A 2005 garnett red Legacy GT and a 2003 silver WRX. Taken on a local dirt roady in Western New York.