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Subie Speed: 2014 Subaru Motorsports Preview
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Hard-Fought 7th The 2013 rallycross team’s three drivers put increasing pressure on their rivals throughout the Global Rallycross Championship (GRC) season. Becoming more competitive with every round of the GRC calendar, Subaru drivers Sverre Isachsen, Dave Mirra, and Bucky Lasek frequently led heat races, contending with lighter, more powerful cars than their completely revised WRX STIs.


Isachsen ended up the best of the three Subaru drivers with a 7th overall for the season – eight contended rounds in which he ended up on the podium twice – at X Games Los Angeles and the GRC event in Atlanta. (Lasek finished 11th and Mirra 12th.)


Lasek closed out his season by earning the prestigious 2013 Sportsmanship Award, which was voted on by all GRC competitors.



#11, #81, #40 Subaru WRX STI With revisions for the 2013 season, the three 600-horsepower Subaru rallycross WRX STIs were lighter and more powerful than the previous year. Their suspensions were upgraded to World Rally Championship (WRC) specifications. Plus, they featured other changes such as placement of the radiators in the rear of the cars to keep flying dirt and mud from clogging them and causing the cars to overheat.


Photo: Lars Gange |

“Launch Control”


Throughout the 2013 season, Subaru published 14 episodes of “Launch Control,” a video series that takes a behind-the-scenes look at the two Subaru Motorsports teams.


Read more about “Launch Control” in Drive 
Performance Version 10.2.


Watch for “Launch Control” 2.0 this year!




Rallycross Drivers


Sverre Isachsen


Called the Viking Warrior, Isachsen hails from Norway, where he made his debut in the European RallyCross Championship in 2002. He won that championship three years running – 2009-2011. For 2014, he attacks the GRC with Subaru for the third year in a row.

Bucky Lasek


X Games Skateboard Vert champion Lasek, of Encinitas, California, returns after honing his skills at rallycross the last three years. He claims that he’s ready to be more aggressive in the GRC for 2014, and we can’t wait to see how that plays out!



Rallycross: What to Watch for in 2014


Isachsen and Lasek return for the 2014 GRC season. Subaru Motorsports Marketing Manager Rob Weir hinted at the possibility of more: “We’ve committed Bucky and Sverre to the entire GRC season. But we have four GRC cars ready, so you could see a few more STI rallycross cars on the circuit this year.”


Fans who viewed the final episode of “Subaru Launch Control” may have noticed a teaser about a new car in the works at technical partner Vermont SportsCar. Taking nearly a year to develop and an international effort of engineering, Isachsen’s  #11 STI will be completely new. “We were 99 percent ready to debut the car at the final GRC round in Las Vegas, but GRC is a sport where you have to be completely ready to fight. That’s a tough decision you have to make sometimes in motorsports,” explained Weir. “Sverre describes the difference in the new car as black and white. The major improvements are increased horsepower and cornering response. We’re taking what we learned from this special car and carrying it over to the 2015 WRX STIs that we have in development for both rally and rallycross.”


2014 Global RallyCross Championship Schedule
May 17-18, Top Gear Festival, Barbados August 2-3, Detroit, MI
June 7, X Games, Austin, TX August 22-23, Daytona Beach, FL
June 21-22, Washington D.C. September 19-20, Los Angeles, CA
July 19-20, New York, NY September 26-27, Seattle, WA
July 25-26, Charlotte, NC November 5, Las Vegas, NV




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