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Subie Speed: 2014 Subaru Motorsports Preview
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Click on course points above to view images of David Higgins’ run during the 2011 Climb to the Clouds.



2014 Subaru Mount Washington Hillclimb Invitational

Where: Mount Washington Auto Road in Pinkham Notch, Gorham, NH 


When: June 26-29, 2014



Three years ago, the Climb to the Clouds Hillclimb returned to Mount Washington to help celebrate the 150th anniversary of the Mount Washington Auto Road. First run in 1904, the Climb to the Clouds Hillclimb has attracted well-known drivers with fantastic and innovative equipment to try to tame the tallest peak in the Northeast (6,288 feet). This is the mountain that has held the record for the strongest measured gust of wind on the Earth’s surface – 231 mph.


The contested part of the auto road measures 7.6 miles – from the base of the mountain to the finish line near the summit. In the first official event in 1904, the winning car took 24 minutes, 37-3/5 seconds to reach the top. Three years ago, David Higgins in the #75 SRT USA WRX STI set the current record for climbing the tarmac-and-gravel road at 6 minutes and 11.54 seconds.


That’s what everyone will be trying to beat.


In an interview with Rally America, Higgins stated, “Sometimes the biggest battle is against the other drivers, but racing up the Mount Washington Auto Road is very different. The road itself is the biggest battle and one I can’t wait to fight again. The Mount Washington Auto Road has it all: tarmac, gravel, fog, crazy weather, and not to mention the scenic drops! It is an immense challenge that is also steeped in history.”


For the Rally America National Championship teams entered in the hillclimb, points from the event will count toward the championship.


David Higgins’ 2011 record-setting Hillclimb run.

Find Climb to the Clouds information, schedules, history, participants, and more.



International Subaru Motorsports


Hundreds of amateur and professional teams ply tracks, trails, and temporary racing venues with Subaru vehicles. Subaru Tecnica International Inc. (STI) stands behind efforts in the Japanese SUPER GT Series and the 24-hour race at Nürburgring in May.



International Rally


Subaru continues to be involved in international rally events, through both the WRC and European Rally Championships. Subaru has offered support to Subaru owners and drivers in both series. Watch for information and videos about these Subaru Motorsports teams.


Nürburgring 24-Hour Race Who STI Motorsport
STI prepares its road-racing Nürburgring WRX STI with the help of former WRC drivers’ champion and Subaru World Rally Team driver Tommi Mäkinen. They have used the Nürburgring to prove STI-branded vehicles. It has become the test track for auto manufacturers worldwide. Race event 7th consecutive year
Where Nürburgring, Nürburg, Germany
Drivers TBA
Car Modified Subaru WRX STI 4-Door
When June 19-22, 2014



SUPER GT Series 2013 Who STI Motorsport
The BRZ GT300 enters its third year of competition in this high-level Japanese racing series. Read more about the team and the car. Race series 9 rounds, 1 exhibition, Japan Automobile Federation Grand Prix
Where Japan, Malaysia, Korea
Drivers Tetsuya Yamano, Kota Sasaki
Car Subaru BRZ GT300 purpose-built race car
When April through November 2013



2014 SUPER GT Schedule (tentative)
1 April 4-5 Okayama International Circuit Japan
2 May 3-4 Fuji Speedway Japan
3 May 31-June 1 Autopolis Japan
4 July 19-20 Sportsland SUGO Japan
5 August 9-10 Fuji Speedway Japan
6 August 30-31 Suzuka Circuit Japan
7 October 4-5 Buriram United International Circuit Thailand
8 November 15-16 Twin Ring Motegi Japan
Special Event TBA TBA TBA




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