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My Senior Picture

by Robert Richtarek, Morristown, NJ


I had to smile when I read Zack Zide’s “My Baby” letter about his 2011 Subaru WRX STI Limited with only 9,251 miles. It was accompanied by his senior picture (Version 10.1). 


I am 53 years old (my senior contribution) and also own a 2011 STI Limited – with only 13,290 miles. I, too, refrain from driving it in inclement weather.


I also own a 2002 Forester that absolutely loves to be driven to any destination in any weather condition and is always eager to tackle the journey. 


I do, however, have a separate set of performance winter tires and rims for my STI and have had the pleasure of driving it in the snow. Zack, you’ll love the experience. It’s what makes a Subaru, a Subaru!





The Lowest-Mileage/Cleanest 1998-2001 2.5RS

by Matthew Rafferty


I am a longtime Subaru owner, and currently own my sixth and seventh (2013 Legacy 3.6R Limited and
1999 2.5RS).


I had been searching for an RS coupe for better than two years when I came across this particular car. When I saw it, I had to have it. I purchased it from the original owner, I traveled almost 500 miles each way to get the car, and it turned 12,000 miles on the drive home! This baby still had the original Bridgestone Potenza tires on it!


It is an understatement to say this car is perfect in almost every way. It has never seen rain or snow and has always been garage-kept. The paint, glass, motor, and transmission are all original, and the engine/undercarriage is probably as clean as the day it was produced.


I received everything as new with the car as well – keys, books, window sticker, etc.


I’ve spent better than $3,000 completely going over the car. Every maintenance item, all fluids, tons of Group N parts, new tires, alignment, full detail – pretty much everything one could possibly do to a Subaru of this age to make a reliable/fun weekend-driven car.


I truly believe it to quite possibly be the lowest-mileage/cleanest 1998-2001 2.5RS in the United States today.




The Magic Rekindled

by Ryan Veldhuizen, Ogden, UT


I have been a Subaru enthusiast for many years. I was fortunate enough to go to the Global Rallycross Championship finals in Las Vegas along with my son. It was my first rally in person, even though I have been a fan since the great days of Colin McRae. 


After the race, my son received a backpack from one of the crew members, and we were able to meet Sverre Isachsen and get his autograph. My son has special needs, and he’s into Subaru and racing. He was so excited about meeting the drivers. 


Then, on Saturday, we went to the Subie Invasion. Bucky Lasek and all three rallycross cars were there. My son was able to meet Bucky, who gave him a signed Rockstar hat, which he has worn every day since. 


Thank you, Subaru, Sverre, and Bucky for making this such an unforgettable trip. It also relit my love for rally. I look forward to the next rally season and will be doing anything I can to attend again next year.

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Special Wedding Guest


Photo submitted by Buck Hogoboom, Fort Atkinson, WI. Photo: Shanna Wolf of




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