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The Chosen Ones
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Subaru WRX and WRX STI owners meet Bucky Lasek and are taken for a ride they’ll never forget!




The Mission


In the fall of 2013, DoubleURXXX Productions and Bucky Lasek invited WRX and WRX STI owners to submit videos demonstrating their driving prowess.


Bucky was skeptical, saying, “I thought there was no way this could fly, asking for videos of people wheeling their cars.


“The concept was the most fun – asking people to actually drive their Subaru cars the way they were meant to be driven instead of being garage queens. And then seeing some of them out there and getting dirty, and how stoked the kids were to realize that the car not only looks good, but that it’s fun to drive!”


In early 2014, the five chosen ones met and were transported to a secret location, where Bucky took them on an adventure that focused on one unforgettable car – the 2015 WRX, which Bucky referred to as an “out-of-the-showroom autocross king.” The group learned the philosophy behind the new WRX, got their hands dirty with a unique project, and then …


Well, we don’t want to give away too much. We’ll save that for the video.




The Finalists


From the entries, the videos of five owners were chosen:


Will Lucas
Augusta, Georgia

Troy Miller
Allegheny, New York

Tim Near
Loudon, New Hampshire

Bobby Whiteley
Detroit, Michigan

Chase Wilson
Seattle, Washington