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Reverse: Letters from Readers
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His and Hers

by Jon Forman, Hoboken, New Jersey 


When my girlfriend and I are not sitting at a desk working 50-plus hours a week, we enjoy the active lifestyle that our Subaru vehicles afford us. I am the proud owner of a 2013 WRX STI, my third Subaru. After Hurricane Sandy totaled Judy’s SUV, she became a first-time Subaru owner with a 2013 Forester XT Limited.


Whether we are cycling, kayaking, hiking, taking a road trip, or just running errands, the beauty of all-wheel drive gets us there safe and sound. To have the performance, comfort, and reliability is the reason there will always be a Subaru in our garage. 


I’m pretty fortunate. I have the girl and the car.






200,000 Smiles

by Chuck Ghawi, Huntington Woods, Michigan 


Purchased from and maintained by Hodges Subaru, this is my fourth Subaru.


Thinking about a 2015 WRX.







Great Pics!

Photos by Mark Clark, Edinburg, Texas




   More images of Mark Clark's 2013 Special Edition Subaru WRX.




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