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SPT Hight Flow Air Intake and Exhaust Systems

  Garrick Goh, Performance Parts Project Engineering Manager, and David Scelfo, Project Engineering Manager, review performance parts test data.



SPT parts must undergo exhaustive tests before they’re approved and released to market. The testing helps ensure performance, reliability, and durability. For example, SPT engineers recently conducted tests on air intakes (WRX and WRX STI – SOA8431000; Legacy GT and Outback XT – SOA8431010) and exhaust systems over a year’s time. SPT’s thorough testing included a variety of weather conditions and tens of thousands of miles in different vehicles across the country before the systems were approved.


Putting cars with these parts installed on a chassis dynamometer – the most basic engine-related performance-parts test – demonstrated whether or not the intake and exhaust systems provided more power. If not, the systems would have little value from a performance standpoint and would not be worthy of the SPT logo.


They found these new systems increased peak horsepower and torque across the rpm range compared to original equipment (OE). However, dynamometers don’t completely represent real-world driving, so several other tests were needed.


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