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Forester Sports 2.5 XT Concept



With transporter pickup time for the Forester vehicles an unknown, the team plunged into the final phases of the modifications.


On the exterior, the Forester was given front and rear spoilers. The team installed an STI Forester front lip spoiler and protector under the front air dam and an accessory rear spoiler at the top of the liftgate. The front and rear badges also were attached. The stock lug nuts were replaced by STI branded ones to complement the STI wheels.


Meanwhile, the brake work continued. Team members bled the lines to ensure functionality. They also tested the drivetrain, making minor adjustments to enable the Forester to run under its own power through the six-speed transmission. That entailed pulling apart the exhaust system and driveline to get access to the rear of the transmission.   After reinstalling the driveline and exhaust system, the Forester Concept was tested on the lift – successfully!


Then, at approximately 3:30 p.m., the Forester Sports 2.5 XT Concept backed out of the shop under its own power – less than 48 hours from the time it was delivered to RSE.


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