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2008 Impreza WRX



The first impression made by the new interior is by its design. Like other vehicles in the Subaru lineup, the Impreza interior now has sweeping twin cockpits up front, emphasized by insets that look like brushed aluminum, sculpted door panels, and a lot of extra head room – especially in the 5-door. The new interior design highlights the available seven-inch navigation screen and information display in the center of the dash.


The center console also has an available auxiliary audio jack and RCA jacks for portable media players. Models with 6-disc CD audio systems will feature SRS Circle Surround® sound, which provides cinema sound quality for every seat in the vehicle.


The second impression is made by the interior’s size. It’s larger in every dimension, and that’s apparent when sliding into any of the seating positions.




The WRX retains the Subaru Symmetrical AWD System – part of Subaru core technology. Elements include the Subaru Boxer engine and AWD drivetrain. The new Impreza body/chassis design allows the Subaru Boxer engine to be located lower to the ground, making the vehicle’s center of gravity even lower. That contributes significantly to improved handling.


A chassis feature that impacts interior room is the new double-wishbone rear suspension system. It takes up less space than the previous strut-type design, freeing cabin space. In conjunction with the more rigid body, the double-wishbone suspension contributes to a quieter ride.


The 2.5-liter, 4-cylinder Boxer engine was modified for 2008 with a new intake manifold, intercooler, and turbocharger. The engine delivers both peak horsepower and peak torque at lower engine speeds, improving low-end torque as well as fuel efficiency. (See Engine Comparison chart.)


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