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SPT Parts for the 2008 Impreza WRX



The team was satisfied with prototype parts performance and the exhaust sound (an enhanced Subaru Boxer rumble). However, the results had to be confirmed by even more testing by FHI in Japan. The same battery of tests was run, plus others, including water ingestion tests.


SOA and FHI don’t just choose an aftermarket company’s components and put SPT logos on them. The companies expend considerable resources to ensure that SPT parts pass certification regulations in all states, fit properly, and function as they’re intended. Extensive testing also ensures long-term reliability, enabling Subaru to cover them under factory warranty.


More about SPT parts can be found at Subaru Performance Tuning™ Modifies the 2008 WRX.


A number of prototype exhaust
systems led to the final version.

Mounting was reasonably quick,
which frequent assembly and
disassembly demonstrated during

battery of tests were run on
the dyno at Church Automotive
Testing in Wilmington, California.





To see additional photos of the SPT parts for the 2008 Impreza WRX in the Image Gallery, click here.



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