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Performance Profile – Ken Block

What would you like people to know about you?


The main thing about me that I don’t think people understand is that there’s a big difference between Ken Block that works very hard and does a business and Ken Block the rally driver. A lot of times, those two stories get too mixed. People don’t necessarily give me as much respect as a rally driver because the other part gets too muddied up in there.


Any time I get into something like this, I try my hardest to excel at it. I do have a lot of talent and a lot of drive to do various things, and I have worked very hard to develop the skills in rally that I have.


To answer your question, I would like people to understand that I really have a deep, true passion for rally. I think that, for some reason, I have some natural talent for it. But beyond that, I’ve worked very hard to try to be the best driver I absolutely can. I want to use those skills to go as far as I can with rally.


That, in its simplest form, is something I would like people to know.


On top of that, because of my background, I’m actually a very good marketing person. I’ve won marketing awards from companies like Advertising Age and SportsBusiness Journal. I’ve been recognized for the stuff that I do.



I’ve been able to take that experience and that knowledge and apply it to our rally team to help generate more interest in the sport here in America, because it needs it, and I see an opportunity to help it. That ranges anywhere from marketing in the way of graphics and team materials and getting publicity for the team and doing whatever I can to help JB [Niday, Rally America’s managing director] and Rally America.



It’s been a wide range of things, and even goes as far as the Stunt Junkies jump and something I did recently down in New Zealand with our snowboarders. There’s actually a photo of myself in a rally car and one of our snowboarders that’s going to end up on the cover of Snowboarder next month.


I think differently, and I think in a marketing way. I’m trying to use the skills I have to benefit not only Subaru and our rally team but just the good of rally in America and help to make it grow.


I’ve been very lucky in my life, that I’ve been able to do a wide variety of things and go pretty far. But at the same time, if you look at the core of what I do – from snowboarding and even having a home up in the mountains with my own snowboard park – a lot of what I do is based on getting the most out of life and really enjoying it, and enjoying it with my friends and my family.


A lot of people seem to think I have ulterior motives with this stuff. There really isn’t. I just truly love being involved in the sports I’m involved with and the companies I’m involved with, and look to do things in the best way possible and have the most fun with them. That’s why I end up jumping my rally car in the snow with my snowboarders. It’s genuinely an idea that I said, “Wow, this would make some really cool photos and video and would be really fun.” I didn’t look to try to sell tickets to it or make money from it somehow. It’s something I do for passion and fun as opposed to a big business.


How much has your baby daughter, Lia, changed your life?


The biggest thing about having children is it gives you an insight into more of what real life is all about. I didn’t get married until my mid-30s, so I really had a lot of fun in life doing things without a family. And now that I’m married and have kids, I’m actually given an insight into a whole different side of life that I didn’t have before.


I think it’s very insightful and educational, because I couldn’t necessarily relate to that type of life before.


I’ve lived a very full life and enjoyed everything that I’ve done. Now I’m going through a whole new part of life, and I’m enjoying it very much. I just have a new appreciation for totally different things in life that I didn’t before.




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About Colin McRae:


“I dedicate this win to Colin McRae. It was an honor to call him my friend, and I truly enjoyed the few times I competed with him. He is my biggest inspiration in rally and always will be.”
– after the podium ceremony following Block’s win at Rally Colorado


About a “soft” roll in New Zealand:


“These things happen. That’s rally.”
– from video on by


About what it feels like to drive in a rally:


“When I step into the car and drive down the stage and really being able to push the car and push myself as fast as I can go, there’s really nothing else like it. It’s hard to explain the feeling of it because it’s scary – super-scary – and exhilarating all at the same time."


"And that’s the thing with rally: If you’re not really pushing, you’re not really going at full speed unless you’re somewhat scared. There’s times I’ve gotten into the car knowing how fast I have to go to be competitive, I sometimes get sick to my stomach."


“That’s a feeling you have to have. If you’re not willing to push beyond your personal limits and what’s possible with the car, then you’re not going to move to the next level, you’re not going to be competitive. So you come over certain crests – you know, a left five over crest – if you’re not [BEEP] scared, you’re not going fast enough. Someone else is going to go faster over there.”
– from video on by


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