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Performance Profile – Ken Block




Colorado was a ferocious rally. Congratulations on the win.



The first day was really fun. The second day wasn’t so great when the rain came. That’s too bad. They had to shorten the event. The first day was really fun, I have to tell you that.


That makes things interesting for Lake Superior.


If anything, the way it turned out, even with Tanner [Foust] in 2nd, it made the points really tight. Rally America couldn’t have asked for anything better. If that hadn’t happened – if I would have had a problem, if Andy [Pinker] had a problem – Travis [Pastrana] would have had such a big lead, it wouldn’t have made the final race interesting at all.


Why #43?


It’s actually a strange coincidence that I have really liked that number for a long time. I started using that number when I was racing motocross as a kid. And then as I started working in business, we needed a number for one of my former apparel companies. So we started using the number 43 because we had some athletic-like apparel. I continue using it – the fourth letter of the alphabet happens to be D and the third letter of the alphabet happens to be C. So in a random coincidence, it actually means DC [Block’s shoe company].


It has nothing to do with Richard Petty then?


No, it doesn’t. When I was a kid, someone told me that number 43 was the most common number in the world. Whether that’s true or not, I have no idea. For some reason I latched onto that number, and later on in my life, it coincided with my business.


Because of my placing in 2005, I had the opportunity to switch over to the number 4 in the Rally America Championship. But I’d been using the number 43 so much personally since I was younger that I decided to stick with it and try to make it a number that fans can associate with me as much as possible through my rally career.


That’s like branding.


Yes, basically. I work a lot with motocross athletes with my job, and the motocross and super cross championships have done well in branding their athletes with their numbers and letting the guys keep their numbers around, sort of like NASCAR. It’s been nice that Rally America has converted to that sort of system, so that we can build some equity in our numbers – Travis with his 199 and me with my 43. The fans want to know who the drivers are, and the biggest way to do that is the number.


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