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X Games 13 Rally Notebook




#199 Subaru Red Bull


Driver: Travis Pastrana
A 24-year-old rally driver and motocross sensation, he began rally racing in 2004 and won his first race in 2006. He was 2006 Rally America National Champion, the youngest-ever title winner in American rally history.

Co-Driver: Christian Edstrom
This 30-year-old began co-driving in 2003 on the US (SCCA ProRally) Manufacturer Champion Mitsubishi team and finished 2nd overall. He began driving with Pastrana in 2004 and was the 2006 Rally America overall and open class co-driving champion.




#43 Subaru Monster


Driver: Ken Block
In 2005, this 38-year-old started rallying and earned his first win in 2006. He was 2005 Rally America Rookie of the Year and 2nd overall in the 2006 Rally America National Championship. He also is the co-founder of DC Shoes.

Co-Driver: Alex Gelsomino
This 33-year-old began competing in rallies at just 17 years old. He started rally racing in 1992, and in 2005 he joined Vermont SportsCar. He co-drove with Ken Block when Block won Rally America Rookie of the Year.




#7 Subaru No Fear


Driver: Colin McRae
He entered his first rally in 1985 and ran his first World Rally Championship event in 1987 in Sweden. McRae went on to win his first event in 1988 in the Tweedies Rally. This 39-year-old was Britain’s first World Rally Champion in 1995 (for Subaru); championship runner-up in 1996, 1997, and 2001; and 3rd in 1998.

Co-Driver: Carolyn Bosley
She made her rally debut in 1999 with now-husband Lance Smith, finishing 5th overall. She has been co-driving for more than eight years and won co-driving championships in 1999, 2000, and 2001.




#60 Subaru BFGoodrich


Driver: Boris Said
This 43-year-old road racer began racing with the SCCA in 1987 and made his NASCAR® debut in 1995 in the Craftsman Truck Series. He was the first American to win the German four-hour GT Endurance race at the N├╝rburgring circuit in 2004. X Games 13 was his first rally race.

Co-Driver: John Buffum
This 63-year-old driver was U.S. National PRO Rally Champion 11 times, nine-time winner of the U.S./Canada North American Rally Cup Championship, and the Pikes Peak Auto Hill Climb record-breaker. He is the most successful U.S. rally driver, with more than 100 rally victories.






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