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Subaru Performance Tuning Modifies the 2008 WRX


(Part No. SOA8431130)




The front strut tower brace ties together the bolts that hold the front struts to the bodywork. Enhancing the front end’s rigidity, this simple piece contributes to improved handling.


Perform this installation with the car on the ground. If it’s on a lift, the struts will fall out of position!
Installation is straight–forward, and the instruction sheets are easy to follow.






Remove the three nuts from the top of each strut tower. (Discard these locknuts, because they are for one–time use only.)




Fit the baseplates over the bolts.


Install six new locknuts that are shipped with the brace.





Attach the cross bar using the enclosed bolts and nuts.


Torque these nuts and bolts to 35 lb–ft.


Torque the baseplate nuts to 14.5 lb–ft.

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