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Subaru Performance Tuning Modifies the 2008 WRX


(Part Nos. B2010FG000 [front] and B2010FG100 [rear] – two of each)



STI springs lower the body for a more aggressive appearance. Plus, increased spring stiffness improves handling and provides a firmer ride.


Order two front and two rear springs, all of which are packaged with one–time–use locknuts.
Lift the car and remove the wheels.





Mark alignment on the front camber adjustment bolts and struts for later reference.



Unbolt brake lines and ABS speed sensor harnesses from strut assemblies.



Disconnect two bolts at the bottom of each strut assembly from the housings. Note: locknuts will be replaced.



Under the hood, remove the three nuts mounting each strut to the body to free them. (Discard these locknuts, because they are for one–time use only.)




Under mats in the cargo area, locate and remove rear strut caps.



On the rear lateral links, remove nuts that attach the rear stabilizer bar, bolts that connect the shock absorbers, and bolts that attach the rear lateral links. (Discard these locknuts, because they are for one–time use only.)




Then remove nuts securing the shock absorber mounts.





For each set of struts/shocks and springs, use a coil spring compressor to squeeze the spring together.


Caution: This operation is dangerous. The installer should have proper training.



Using a strut mount socket, remove and discard the self–locking nut. Then remove the strut mount and upper spring seat.


Gradually decrease compression on the coil spring. Remove it, the dust cover, and the helper spring.




Invert the removal process. Be sure smaller diameters are on top and larger diameters are on the bottom.




Invert the removal process. Check alignment, and adjust if necessary.


Use new self–locking nuts
Tighten bushings with the vehicle on the ground
Tightening torque – front
     • Strut mount to body – 14.5 lb–ft
     • Strut to housing – 129 lb–ft
     • ABS wheel speed sensor harness – 24.3 lb–ft
     • Brake hose – 24.3 lb–ft
Tightening torque – rear
     • Strut mount to body – 22.4 lb–ft
     • Rear lateral link – 89.0 lb–ft
     • Stabilizer bar to link – 33.2 lb–ft
     • Shock absorber to link – 89.0 lb–ft










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