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Subaru Performance Tuning Modifies the 2008 WRX


(Part Nos. 5–Door WRX Exhaust: D441SFG000, 4–Door WRX Exhaust: D441SFG100)


The SPT exhaust system opens the exhaust flow and provides a more performance–oriented sound. Separate systems were developed for the WRX 4–Door and 5–Door models.




Installing the cat–back performance exhaust is most easily done on a lift.


Remove bolts attaching the rear muffler(s) from the exhaust pipe. The WRX 5–Door has one muffler; the 4–Door has two. Coat hangers and hanger bushings with spray lubricant to make removal easier. Each of the 4–Door’s mufflers has two hangers; the 5–Door’s muffler has four.


Slide the muffler(s) off the hangers.


Separate the rear exhaust pipe from the center pipe.


The end of the pipe is attached to a hanger. Spray hanger and hanger bushing with lubricant, and slide off the pipe.




Spray lubricant on the bushings and hangers.


Slide the rear exhaust pipe bushing onto the hanger.


Using a new gasket, bolt together the rear exhaust pipe and the center exhaust pipe. (Tightening torque: 13.3 lb–ft.)


Install the muffler(s) on the hangers, using new gaskets. Bolt them to the exhaust pipe, using new self–locking nuts. (Tightening torque: 35.4 lb–ft.)


After completing assembly, degrease the hangers and hanger bushings before taking the car off the lift.

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