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Subaru Performance Tuning Modifies the 2008 WRX


Skid pad at ATCO Raceway in southern New Jersey.


With some of the performance parts and systems still in development, final test results were unavailable. However, we set up an informal skid pad at ATCO Raceway in southern New Jersey to get a feel for the difference made by the new performance springs.


The driver reported reduced body roll and added feedback through the tires. (He also reported being dizzier than normal.)


The real test for all of these pieces will be in the hands of customers who run their vehicles in autocross, rallycross, rally, etc.



Thanks to Carlos Reyes, Kiven Reynolds, and Nicole Spadea for installing the parts. Genuine Subaru Performance


 Parts for your Subaru and related technical information can be found at



Impreza WRX STI SPT/D.A.R.E. Edition


Subaru Distributors Corp. (Orangeburg, New York), in partnership with the South Orangetown Police and Drug Abuse Resistance Education (D.A.R.E.) created the 2008 Impreza WRX STI SPT/D.A.R.E. Edition. This STI features an array of SPT accessories, as well as custom rally mud flaps provided by Rally Armor LLC; custom police lights by Whelen Engineering Company, Inc.; and a complete custom vinyl design incorporating Subaru, SPT, Fraternity of STI, and D.A.R.E. logos.


Subaru Distributors Corp. makes the vehicle available to its dealer body as well as the local D.A.R.E. program. During the 2008 car show season, the car will be showcased throughout the New York Tri–State area.


For more information, visit and


To see more Subaru WRX concept car images, click here.

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