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Subaru Motorsports:
Subaru Rally Team USA –
2008 Season Update



While participating in the full Rally America National Championship in the United States, Travis Pastrana/Derek Ringer compete in the Production World Rally Championship (PWRC) abroad. During the first part of the season, Ken Block/Alex Gelsomino have taken part in American rally events besides those sanctioned by Rally America. However, their schedules include Rally of New Zealand, Rally Japan, and Wales Rally GB in the second half of the season.




PWRC events are run in conjunction with eight of the 15 World Rally Championship (WRC) rounds during the season. Teams choose six of the eight PWRC rallies in which to compete and earn points.


The PWRC, which is governed by the Federation Internationale de l’Automobile (FIA), has different rules and procedures from Rally America. (The FIA is based in Geneva, Switzerland and governs worldwide motorsports, including the WRC and Formula 1.)


Among the PWRC’s procedures is the reconnaissance process for preparing pace notes used by the team during rally stages. Rally America prepares the pace notes for its rallies.


Super special stages are part of many WRC events. These stages usually are set up in stadiums, where spectators can watch teams compete side by side on parallel tracks. Such stages are similar to the X Games Rally events of the last two years.


Around the world, the 15 rounds of WRC events draw millions of enthusiastic spectators. They line the stages, sometimes presenting so much of a safety issue that stages have been canceled.




A rollover in the first stage of Rally Argentina set the tone for SRT USA’s first two 2008 PWRC events. Despite losing brakes and breaking suspension and steering components in different stages, the team still managed three top–five stage times before having to retire.


In the Acropolis Rally, the car suffered punctured tires, broken suspension components, and a damaged transmission. Even so, Pastrana/Ringer had two top–five and 10 top–10 stages.

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