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Subaru in International Rallying: 2004, FIVE WINS IN A “NEW” IMPREZA WRC2004



Petter Solberg and Phil Mills in action on SS4 during leg one,
Telstra Rally Australia 2004

Based on the Subaru Impreza WRC2003, the WRC2004 had dramatic changes — mostly under the sheetmetal. The car’s aerodynamics package and suspension systems evolved throughout 2003 and continued through 2004. Development of the WRC2004 focused on the engine, electronics systems, and body, with additional work on the brakes and transmission.


For the rally car’s SUBARU BOXER engine, engineers enhanced a number of components and systems. The IHI turbocharger, exhaust manifold, and fuel injection system were modified. So were internal components, including the crankshaft, pistons, and camshafts. The changes resulted in a wider range of power and torque, which improved response and drivability.


Modifications of the electronics systems included a new wiring harness and integrated control system. Instead of separate electronic controls for the chassis, engine, and transmission, a single unit was introduced. With less duplication of sensors, more powerful processing, and greater memory, the system improved data manipulation.


New regulations for 2004 allowed lightweight body components. The WRC2004 was given polycarbonate rear and side windows (with half the weight of glass), aluminum front fenders and trunk lid, and a redesigned body shell with added strength and lower mass. The result was increased overall body stiffness and an improved center of gravity.


For the Impreza WRC2004’s specifications, see the Origins article in Drive Performance Version 1.2.


TOP: 2008 SWRT drivers/co-drivers Phil Mills, Petter Solberg, Chris Atkinson, and Stéphane Prévot
ABOVE: Impreza WRC2008, introduced for the BP Ultimate Acropolis Rally in May.



1 For the rest of the 2008 WRC schedule, Origins in Version 5.1.
2 For Subaru Rally Team USA’s results in the 2008 Production Car WRC, click here.

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