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Crawford Performance
2008 STI “TIGER”






The size of the Crawford Performance shop belies its reputation. Based in an industrial park in Oceanside, California, the company has four engineers: Quirt Crawford, David Maldonado, William Knose, and Chris Escamilla.


The Crawford people are Subaru enthusiasts – one of the reasons that they bring so much to the STI performance party. Crawford, a dune buggy racer in his younger days, has been building turbocharged SUBARU BOXER engines for years – since before the WRX landed on American shores. His experience put him way ahead of the curve in tuning the flat-fours. He didn’t have to start from scratch when the turbocharged engines arrived; he was already up to speed.


Today, when you tour the shop, one of its outstanding features is the room with engines in various stages of being built and boxes of parts filling the shelves. In another part of the shop, crated engines await shipment to all parts of the world – all stemming from Crawford trading buggies for boxers and proving how good the engines are over a period of time.


Housed in the shop along with the Tiger car in early August was Ken Block’s gymkhana car and the silver Crawford Performance wide-body.





Crawford Performance had a number of reasons for building their “Tiger.” At the heart of the project, they as enthusiasts wanted to see how good the new 2008 STI really is. From a business perspective, they wanted to remain on the leading edge of Subaru technology.


Because of the company’s emphasis on Subaru product, it often has come into contact with Subaru of America, Inc. They struck a partnership around the 2008 STI project that was intended to benefit both companies – build a car that demonstrates the performance potential of the new car in time attack events.


Crawford Performance STI Specifications

• Crawford Performance Billet SR6 2.70L Race Motor
• Crawford Performance Time Attack Heads
• Crawford Performance Tumbler Deletes
• Subaru STI Cams (intake/exhaust)

• Exedy Triple Carbon Race Clutch
• Subaru 6-speed Manual Transmission

• Crawford Performance CP35R Turbo Kit
• Crawford Performance BIG Front Mount Intercooler
• Crawford Performance Cold Air Intake
• Crawford Performance 800 cc Injectors
• Crawford Performance Air/Oil Separator
• Crawford Performance Race Exhaust

• EcuTek, tuned by I-Speed

• TEIN Super Racing Coilovers
• TEIN Super Racing Springs
• Crawford Performance Rear Lateral Links

• 18-inch Volk Racing CE28N
• Hankook Ventus Z214

• Brembo® Gran Turismo Front
• Brembo Gran Turismo Rear

• Crawford Performance Chromoly 6-point Cage
• RECARO Profi SPA Carbon-Kevlar® Seats

• Crawford Performance Carbon Hood
• Crawford Performance Carbon Rear Spoiler
• Crawford Performance Carbon Front Splitter
• Crawford Performance Canards

• Arancio Borealis (metallic pearl orange)

From the car’s purchase to its first race day, the Crawford crew had six weeks for research, development, and modifications. There were no available upgrades on the market for the 2008 model at the time, so Crawford designed and built nearly 90 percent of the modifications in-house. Product and support from TEIN and EcuTek were enlisted as well. However, except for the TEIN dampers, EcuTek control unit, RECARO seats, and Volk wheels, modifications are all Crawford Performance.


Per Chris Escamilla, “The new STI is solid straight out of the box. In fact, it would be quite competitive in street class at your local time attack events. You can simply throw on a set of stickier tires, get a Crawford downpipe, and have I-Speed tune it.


“What we did for our use (unlimited time attack): We focused on the engine and moved on to the fuel system, intake system, exhaust system, cooling systems, brake system, front and rear suspensions, tire and wheel packages, aerodynamics, body stiffening, electrical, and, of course, the paint scheme.”




At the time of writing, the Tiger car has appeared in just a few time attack events. Follow the car’s progress at


See recent images of the car at the GT LIVE East event (VIRginia International Raceway) with this article here.






























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