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Crawford Performance
2008 STI “TIGER”







                                                                                Tanner Foust


According to James Han, motorsports marketing manager for Subaru of America, Inc.: “The relationship between Crawford Performance and Subaru of America, Inc. relates mainly to this 2008 Subaru Impreza WRX STI time attack project car. Acting as a rolling billboard that incorporates dramatic color and design, this development vehicle showcases the performance applications of Subaru core technologies on road race courses and benefits from the tuning plus car setup experience of Crawford Performance. Relaying crucial driving impressions at various events are guest drivers Tanner Foust and Tarzan Yamada, who are both time attack specialists helping the team extract maximum performance.”


Tarzan Yamada


Chris Escamilla of Crawford Performance added, “Our goals are to draw more people and more teams to the Super Lap and Time Attack arena and to continue to raise the bar within the import performance circles as well as within our own shop.”





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