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Dave Mirra – From BMX to WRX (STI)

Did you have an interest in cars or auto racing of any type prior to taking up rally?


I always had dreamed of this opportunity to drive. My first experience of racing was last year when I participated in the Long Beach Grand Prix celebrity race. I ended up taking first, and I was hooked on racing.

What started your interest in rally?


My interest in rally really started when Ken Block and I met up at Tim O’Neil’s rally school. I didn’t know what to expect. After four days at Tim’s, I was hooked and wanted to rally.


I learned all the basics. They started us in front-wheel-drive cars, and then we moved into the all-wheel-drive cars.


On the fourth day, Ken arrived with the Vermont SportsCar guys and showed me what the open class car capabilities were.


Within the sport of rally racing, what do you enjoy the most?


I really enjoy being at a rally. All of the drivers are super cool, and it’s a very chill environment. On the racing side, the elements you endure to finish are ever changing and very challenging!


The toughest thing for me is staying focused. I always have to be pushing, or mentally I’ll slow down and make mistakes that can cost you a finish.


What has been the most difficult part of the sport to learn? What was the easiest?


I would say the toughest part is trying to figure out how to react and not think too hard to stay on the road.


I’ve had a few offs that could have been prevented if I would have made the choice to keep the car on the road. My problem has been locking the brakes and having no chance to save it.


The easiest is getting on the airplane to go to a rally.

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