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Dave Mirra – From BMX to WRX (STI)


You’ve had the opportunity to drive in rallies in winter, spring, and summer in different parts of the country. Which is the most challenging?


Winter is the most challenging because the road surface is always changing. The grip is so unpredictable. After doing a few winter rallys and a few summer rallys, I’m really interested to see how I can adapt this time around. I have a better understanding of what the car can do, so it will be exciting.


I prefer summer and dry surfaces, because you’re able to push a lot harder, and the conditions are much more predictable.


On the other hand the best thing about rally is adapting. I can’t say there’s any condition I don’t like to drive in.


What do you think you bring to the sport of rally racing?


I’m not real sure how to answer this one, but I hope I can bring another exciting driver to the sport and my fans will show up and support rally in America.


What has rally racing given you?


Rally has given me the chance to meet new people and race cars.


For instance, I met John Cassidy at O’Neil’s winter rally and kept in touch quite a bit. Great guy. It’s really cool to see how much rally is a lifestyle for John.


Do you have a rally or auto-racing hero or mentor?


Ken and Travis [Pastrana] are amazing drivers. They’re the closest I’ve been to any kind of auto racing. I’m really into rally, and they’re the top drivers in America. Testing with them really helps. It’s crazy when I’m out there pushing it and come back to compare times. I’m like, “Wow.” I’ve got a ways to go!


For more about Dave Mirra driving in X Games 14 Rally, see “X Games 14 Rally Notebook” in Version 5.3.

For more about Dave Mirra, visit the Vermont SportsCar Web site at and Mirra’s own site at




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