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Impreza WRX STI – Travis Pastrana's Personal 199

Photos: Lars Gange

Subaru Rally Team USA (SRT USA) driver Travis Pastrana has a new WRX STI street car in his garage – a gift from Subaru of America in honor of his winning the Rally America National Championship three years in a row.





Travis Pastrana garages a number of vehicles. So Subaru wanted this one to be special – and uniquely his own! It was to be distinctive, but not outrageous. It was to be a thoroughly streetable vehicle, drivable in any weather.


Who better to put together Pastrana’s personal ride but the technicians from Vermont SportsCar who work on the SRT USA rally cars. They have glimpses into what he likes in terms of performance, control, and vehicle lifestyle. 



The team took into account a number of Pastrana's preferences and his personality. They understood his predilection for color, applying that to the exterior and to interior accents. They also were familiar with how Pastrana prefers his vehicles to be set up, and they were able to factor that into engine and suspension tweaks.



Beyond Pastrana himself, the team was aware of his sponsors and Subaru partners. The car incorporates products manufactured by those companies whenever possible. In addition, the car includes visual cues reflecting Pastrana's history, personality, and public persona.


Pastrana was engaged in the car's design throughout the project, signing off on color, design, and equipment.

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