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Impreza WRX STI – Travis Pastrana's Personal 199

The Process




A stock WRX STI was stripped to the metal, inside and out. The body was painted Pastrana's signature color. Gravel tire tread graphics adorn the top and sides. 



Various exterior pieces were added or replaced original equipment. Under the front air dam, the front end was given an STI chin spoiler. The front grille was replaced by an SPT accessory grille. PIAA High Intensity Discharge driving lamps were added.



Engine Compartment



Under the hood, most engine components remain standard WRX STI. Two modifications include a performance downpipe and a tuned Electronic Control Unit. Exhaust finishers were added at the end of the exhaust system. The standard shifter was replaced by an STI short-throw shifter.


Dress-up underhood parts include a blue SPT billet aluminum battery hold down and aluminum oil cap.




Chassis modifications tightened up handling. Pastrana's car was stiffened with SPT front strut and lower chassis braces. The brake system was given custom red STI Brembo®1 calipers with white "STI" logos.


Stock wheels and tires were replaced by Work Emotion XD9 18" x 9" wheels in custom satin black mounted with BFGoodrich® g-Force™ Super Sport A/S 275/35 ZR18 high-performance tires.


 The Pieces


• Yellow paint with custom graphics 
• Work Emotion XD9 18" x 9" wheels in custom satin black  
• BFGoodrich g-Force Super Sport A/S 275/35 ZR18 tires 
• PIAA 2100 H.I.D. driving lamps 
• Carbon fiber hood  
• Carbon fiber rear wing  
• Custom red STI Brembo1 calipers with white “STI” logos  
• STI front chin spoiler  
• Exhaust finishers  
• Rally spec mud flaps


• Turbo boost gauge 
• SPT front strut brace 
• SPT lower chassis brace 
• STI short-throw shifter 
• SPT front grille 
• SPT billet aluminum battery hold down – blue 
• SPT billet aluminum oil cap – blue 
• Performance downpipe  
• Performance tuned EC


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