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Impreza WRX STI – Travis Pastrana's Personal 199


The Pieces


• Carbon fiber patterned interior trim  
• Xbox 360, with custom yellow controllers and featuring Colin McRae DIRT video game, mounted under passenger seat 
• Custom blue Alcantara2 interior upholstery, yellow piping and “199 Pastrana” embroidered in yellow thread matching vehicle exterior color 
• Yellow stitching on steering wheel, shifter boot, and parking brake handle boot 
• ECLIPSE AVN6620 navigation/DVD/CD/MP3 stereo head unit 
• KICKER ZX700.5 4x75 watt/1x400 watt stereo amplifier  
• KICKER RS65.2 6.5" component speakers, front 
• KICKER RS56.2 5.25/6" component speakers, rear 
• KICKER Solo-Baric® L5 10" subwoofer 
• Custom subwoofer/amplifier enclosure  
• Rally map light 
• Co-driver footrest 

Inside, the team created what can only be described as a "Pastrana environment." The stock interior was replaced by carbon fiber patterned interior trim and custom blue Alcantara®2 upholstery, which harks back to the color of the original STi. It has yellow piping and an embroidered "199 Pastrana" on the seatback. The yellow accents are matched by yellow stitching on the steering wheel, shifter boot, and parking brake handle boot. The blue-and-yellow combination recalls Pastrana's SRT USA uniform.


Electronics include an ECLIPSE navigation/DVD/CD/MP3 stereo head unit and KICKER amplifiers and speakers. The KICKER subwoofer is fitted to a custom-built enclosure. For entertainment, Pastrana has an Xbox 360®, with custom yellow controllers, mounted under the passenger seat. It plays a Colin McRae DIRT™ video game. Other interior additions are a rally map light and co-driver footrest.










 The Product


In its final form, the 199 Pastrana car is a stunning piece of work, without being over the top either in appearance or in performance. Bright yellow and blue with graphic reminders of Pastrana's rally successes, it fits the man in the same manner as his rally shoes. His car is bold and embraces life, like the energy Pastrana brings to all his endeavors.



There's nothing subtle here. Yet it's a tight, coordinated package that invokes smiles.


The Presentation


The 199 Pastrana WRX STI was first shown to the public in mid-February at the 2009 Chicago Auto Show. Pastrana attended the show and signed autographs on February 14 and 15. As ebullient as his new ride, Pastrana drew a large crowd of fans.


1 Brembo is a registered trademark of Freni Brembo S.p.A.

2 Alcantara is a registered trademark of Alcantara S.p.A., and Alcantara is produced by the Toray Group.









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