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X Games 15 Rally Preview

 X Games 13 Rally


Above sequence: Colin McRae/Carolyn Bosley end
X Games 13 Rally hung up on a barrier

The second X Games Rally featured a number of changes. The sequence of events and the rally course were different:

  • There were no stages preceding the racing at The Home Depot Center 
  • The racing was set up in brackets, with two cars running at the same time; the quicker car moved on to the next bracket, and the slower one packed up and went home.
  • Racing started on the stadium floor, where one car jumped over the path of the other; the cars exited the stadium on two tracks that returned to the stadium.
  • The jump was about 70 feet! 
  • Colin McRae's co-driver was Carolyn Bosley 
  • The other invited guest driving for the Subaru factory team was road-racer Boris Said, who was teamed with American rally legend John Buffum


During tarmac practice, times escalated. Antoine L'Estage/Nathalie Richard flipped their car on its roof, which signaled some of the wildness to follow during Sunday's bracket racing.


Preliminary races narrowed the field to eight cars. Besides thrilling the audience with fast times and control, the brackets had other excitement:

  • Pastrana/Edstrom overshot their lane and were disqualified 
  • McRae/Bosley rolled, ending up with their car's rear wheels hung up on a barrier 
  • Tanner Foust/Chrissie Beavis won by only 0.68 seconds over Block/Gelsomino


Find more details in Version 4.3.

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