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X Games 15 Rally Preview


X Games 14 Rally


Matthew Johnson/Jeremy Wimpey jump over Ken Block/Alex Gelsomino during X Games 14 Rally.

Last year's event – the third X Games Rally – featured a different course, once again. The winners were determined by bracket racing, and the big jump on the stadium floor remained. But the tracks outside The Home Depot Center were tighter and allowed the audience to view the cars side by side.


The Subaru factory team consisted of invitees Travis Pastrana, Ken Block, newcomer Dave Mirra, and British driver Niall McShea.


Through eliminations, the 14 invited teams narrowed down to eight. The bracket racing had surprising results, once again:

  • Andrew Comrie-Pickard/Jen Horsey flipped their car nose to tail competing against Dave Mirra/Alexander Kihurani, who won despite banging up their car's steering and barely completing the run
  • In the next round, Mirra/Kihurani met a wall right after the big jump
  • SRT USA teams Pastrana/Bosley and Block/Gelsomino faced each other in a semifinal round; Block had to shut down the engine right at the start
  • Pastrana/Bosley faced Foust/Beavis once again – for the gold medal – which Pastrana/Bosley won by only 3.357 seconds


Read more in Version 5.3.

The winning Subaru WRX STI of Travis Pastrana/Carolyn Bosley from X Games 14 Rally.


Ready for X Games 15 Rally?


This year's X Games Rally should be just as exciting as the three preceding events.


Pastrana has won gold twice, and Foust has won once. Both want more. Block would like to wear gold, too; he's gone from bronze to silver to bronze and would like a complete set.


Check local television listings for X Games coverage on the ESPN family of networks July 30-August 2, 2009. We'll follow up on the rally portion in Drive Performance Version 6.3.


For more about previous X Games Rally competition, see back issues of Drive Performance. 

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