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2009 SEMA Show: Subaru on Display

Photo: Lars Gange |

Subaru Rally Team USA #199 –
Champion Times Four!


The #199 Subaru Impreza WRX STI is the one that Travis Pastrana/Christian Edstrom drove to the team's fourth consecutive championship in the 2009 Rally America National Championship series. #199 was built by Vermont SportsCar of Colchester, Vermont – the company that fields Subaru Rally Team USA.





Subaru Road Racing Team STI – Moving up the Competition Ladder



For the past three seasons, Subaru Road Racing Team has contended the highly competitive Grand-Am KONI Sports Car Challenge Street Tuner class with the Legacy platform. After consistent podium finishes and bids for the championship all three years in a row, the team has upped the ante. Built and fielded by Phoenix Performance, this WRX STI will carry the team down the 2010 championship trail in the hotly contested Grand Sport class.





Legacy VIP – Modifications de Rigueur


This show car demonstrates the Legacy platform as desirable for the VIP look – the kind of modified appearance commonly found in New York City, Los Angeles, and Tokyo.









Legacy GT Wagon – an Enthusiast's Dream Car


Subaru dug back into the Legacy lineup of just a few years ago and looked overseas for this Wagon's inspiration. The end result is a Legacy GT Wagon as it might be massaged by STI.







SPT WRX STI – an Exhibition of Subaru Performance Tuning (SPT) Performance Parts


Every year, SPT engineers trick out a Subaru vehicle with their performance parts. Here, in one vehicle, are the show-and-go parts developed and engineered for your WRX STI.





Subaru 360 Parts Delivery Vehicle – "Fast Parts … Slow Delivery"


Early in its history, Subaru built the 360 – a small, economical vehicle that today probably would be considered a micro-car. This was the first car from Subaru, and it led to the development of a small van. The one on display at SEMA Show was restored by Subaru of Las Vegas.








DC Shoes TRAX STI – for a Moment it Was There, Then it Was Gone


Photo: Lars Gange |

Not unlike Big Foot – we thought we saw this vehicle earlier in the year. Sighted and then shown on YouTube, the STI on snow treads is another specialized vehicle built for Ken Block.







Click here to read the Editor's Track Blog from the 2009 SEMA Show. 

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