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Blueprint: Subaru Legacy and Outback 6-Speed Manual Transmission

Shifter Design


Two cables connect the shifter in the cabin to the transmission. One cable is located at the side and the other at the top of the transmission housing.


The side cable moves the selector arm forward and rearward to change gears. This cable has a counterweight that makes shift feel more positive. The top cable moves the selector arm left and right to change gears.


The utilization of cables provides a quick, sharp shifter feel while transferring less noise than a rod mechanism. That contributes to improved interior comfort.


The shifter design includes an integrated reverse lock-out mechanism. In order to shift into reverse, the driver pulls up on the collar below the shifter knob and moves the lever to the right when the transmission is in neutral.




The gear indicator is in full view within the trip meter/odometer display in the middle of the instrument panel. The Electronic Control Module determines the gear numeral to be displayed by comparing vehicle speed and engine speed. The display helps the driver recall the gear in which the transmission has been placed for determining whether or not a gear change is required.


All Together


Every component in the Subaru 6-speed manual transmission is designed and engineered to enhance the driving experience. Besides providing the driver with greater enjoyment and interaction with the vehicle, the transmission is designed for increased durability, added comfort, improved performance, and greater fuel efficiency.

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