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Rally America Brings Rally Cross to America


Photo: Lars Gange |

The Rally America National Championship may have been decided by mid-July, but rally action continues until November. Rally America is sponsoring three European-style rally cross events at New Jersey Motorsports Park on these dates:


  • August 27-29
  • October 1-3
  • November 5-7


Competitors will arrive on Friday afternoon for registration and scrutineering (technical inspection). Practice and qualifying will take place on Saturday (along with heat races, depending on the number of entrants), and heat races plus main events on Sunday. Heat races will narrow the field to 20 cars, which will contest through the four main events. The races feature side-by-side competition between five or six cars.


The heat races will be four laps each on the 1.3-mile course, and the main events will be five laps each. The track consists of 70 percent tarmac and 30 percent sand, and there will be one jump. Cars begin on tarmac from a standing start. These events should be great for spectators!


Rally America National Championship drivers are expected to compete, but they will have no co-drivers in the cars. Cars will be entered in two classes: two-wheel drive and four-wheel drive.


Subaru Rally Team USA drivers Travis Pastrana and Dave Mirra are scheduled to compete in all three events.
For more on rules and regulations, go to


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