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Drive Performance WRX:
Part 1 – The Plan


Reader Involvement


Along the way, we'll request input from you. We'll want your opinion on such things as graphics, wheels and tires, suspension components, and interior upgrades.


We'll let you know where we're traveling and when. That way, we'll have more opportunities for conversation. Also, we'll have free magazines and T-shirts.


The Right Look


The first major work we want to do with the DP WRX is make it recognizable. We would like you to be able to find us when we attend road races, rallies, and other Subaru events. So we want to give this car the right look.


We've bounced around several ideas and suggestions, and we've challenged our design staff to make a picture worth a thousand words. They've put together a couple of possibilities, shown here.




Find these and more on the Drive Performance home page. There you'll have the opportunity to vote for your favorite. The vote tally will be a major factor in deciding which graphics will don DP WRX.




Get involved with the Drive Performance WRX! Take part in selecting how it looks, how it handles, how it “goes,” and possibly even where it goes.


Keep watching the pages of Drive Performance and check in at the Web site for requests for your input.


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