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Drive Performance WRX:
Part 1 – The Plan


First Drive, Continued


May 15, 2010


  • No matter what time of year, I enjoy driving through Pennsylvania. It has a quiet beauty, especially in spring.
  • The route has numerous points of interest. Besides places of notable historic interest (such as Gettysburg, Pennsylvania) and metropolitan areas (such as Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, and Chicago, Illinois), there are:
  • Amusement parks, such as Cedar Point in Sandusky, Ohio, and Six Flags Great America in Gurnee, Illinois
  • Places to shop for bargains, such as the swap meets in Carlisle, Pennsylvania, Swap-O-Rama in Alsip, Illinois, and 7 Mile Fair in Caledonia, Wisconsin
  • The recreational vehicle manufacturing area across northern Indiana and the RV/MH Hall of Fame in Elkhart, Indiana
  • I asked a state patrolman who was filling out paperwork in his car at a rest area if I could photograph his car with the area's sign in the background. He politely refused. Patrols were in abundance along the entire route.
  • It was a terrific day-and-a-half ride across the country. Except for a few miles of downpour, the weather cooperated.


Observations about the Drive Performance WRX


  • What a great car! It's quick, of course. Entrance ramps were no problem at all, and I love the sound of the turbocharged engine revved up. That power is never far away, with just a little pressure on the gas pedal producing quick response. I suppose that having a powerful engine is a given for the WRX.
  • Nimbleness! Even more impressive than horsepower and torque is how nimble the car is. Granted, part of that has to do with power, but nimbleness also involves handling, braking, and the feeling of precision. So far, maneuvers at all speeds seem effortless. The car is a joy to drive! We'll see how this impression plays out as we spend more time with it.
  • Sedans have not been a big part of my driving life in recent years, with the exception of a of couple trips in Legacy models. (See driving impressions of the 2010 Legacy 2.5GT in Fall 2009 Drive and the 2010 Legacy 3.6R in Spring 2010 Drive.) I was looking forward to driving the Impreza WRX Sedan to see the difference between it and my own Impreza 2.5i 5-door. After years of driving 5-doors and station wagons, I missed having the wiper on the rear window in the rain, although I didn't really need it. For the most part, there isn't much difference, although I don't seem to see as well out the back window as I do in the 5-door.
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