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Letters from Readers


Off-Road Warrior


My Impreza Wagon has never ceased to amaze me. Whether it's bombing down the dusty roads of western Utah, getting sideways in the flat hot deserts of the south, or going up to my favorite ski areas in Utah's famous powder-coated roads, my little off-road warrior has always delivered.


Thanks for making a car I always know I'll have fun in. Just know there's people out there like me that are pushing your cars to their limits every day.


-Garrett Clark, Lewiston, ME


Cone Killer


I compete in SCCA Solo racing with my 2004 Impreza STi, and it is a blast! I just love Subaru performance and do all I can to promote the brand!




This is my second STi and my third year of Solo competition. Last year I obtained a sponsorship from my local Subaru dealer.


I am currently deployed in Kosovo with the U.S. Army, and my STi is at EFI Logics in Connecticut getting a stronger engine, upgraded turbo, and improved suspension. I'll pick it up in time for the 2010 Solo season, and I can't wait!


I hope to be much more competitive this year, and will continue loving my STi, promoting Subaru performance and versatility, and representing the Badlands Region SCCA!


-Michael Mercado, Bismarck, ND

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