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Letters from Readers


Forester Mudder


This is my fourth Subaru since 1994. Each car has been different in its own way, from the high-mileage 1990 Legacy that just wouldn't stop going to the high-horsepower and sporty 2006 WRX STi.



My current Forester is by far my favorite. It is the most versatile car I have ever owned. I use it as a show car, with its low stance and wide rims, and I always get "What in the world is that?" from anyone that sees it.


My Forester can swallow all of my camera gear while I am on my way to shoot Subaru vehicles at a world rally race.


The Forester is truly a unique vehicle: It has style, class, and, when needed, I step on the pedal, and it can always put a smile on my face!


I love my Scooby!


-Jeremy Wright, Boiling Springs, SC


Off Track


I loved racing but got rid of my sports/track car about five years ago because I was newly married and we were expecting a child. I traded in for an SUV, and we bought a house. While I loved the house, I hated the SUV. So last year when gas prices were skyrocketing I finally made the move and bought an '08 Impreza WRX.


I love the car – great for the family. We take it to the mountains all the time. It is a lot better on gas than my old SUV – $20/week instead of almost $60.


In addition, I started doing track days again ... rally x track days! Never had this much fun on four wheels!


-Thomas Bloess, Duarte, CA

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