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Letters from Readers

A Quest for 300,000


I thought you'd get a kick out of my 2004 WRX Sport Wagon. It has over 235,000 miles and still pulling strong, making the same boost as the day it was delivered new.




I put it through its paces: It tows the three-seat watercraft so smoothly that I have forgotten at times that it's in tow while "toying" with fellow drivers. The two-place snowmobile trailer is harder to forget because it fills all mirrors, but the Subie pulls that effortlessly, even with both sleds!


I plan on getting another WRX when this one hits 250,000 miles, while my goal is to keep the 2004 until it reaches 300,000.


-Nick Smrdelj, Burton, OH


All it Needs Now …



I love my Subaru. It's a 2001 Impreza 2.5RS Coupe. I wanted it to be the ultimate performance Impreza coupe … and it's street legal!


I think all it needs now is an STI 6-speed transmission. An STi 22B wide-body kit would be nice as well.


Thank you Subaru for creating an awesome car!


Here are the modifications:



  • ACT HD clutch kit (heavy duty pressure plate/performance street disc)
  • ACT Streetlite flywheel
  • Alpine (MP3) 6-disc CD changer
  • Alpine CD/MD player
  • ARC titanium cooling panel
  • Cusco oil catch tank
  • Cusco rear lower bar type 1
  • Cusco turbo heat shield
  • DBA 4000 series Gold slotted/drilled vented front rotors
  • DBA 653 Gold slotted/drilled vented rear rotors
  • DENSO iridium spark plugs
  • Do-Luck rear differential support
  • Do-Luck rear ladder bars
  • Do-Luck rear member supports
  • Dynamat Xtreme door kit
  • Focal Polykevlar 6-1/2" component speakers (front)
  • GTSPEC Fender Reinforcement Brace
  • Hella Twin Supertone horn set
  • HKS circle earth system
  • HKS Super Mega Flow cold air intake
  • HKS Kansai refresh bar (roll cage)
  • HKS SSQV blowoff valve kit
  • Impreza trunk mat
  • Kicker 6-1/2" 2-way speakers (rear)
  • MRT Performance brake master cylinder support bracket
  • Optima Red Top battery
  • PIAA Super Plasma bulbs (fog lights)
  • PIAA Super Plasma bulbs (headlights)
  • Pirelli PZero Nero M+S 225/45/17 tires
  • Polk Audio® subwoofer box
  • Primitive 3/16" aluminum front skid plate
  • Prodrive anti-theft dust caps (valve stem caps)
  • Prodrive center pipe
  • Prodrive intake hood scoop
  • Prodrive P1 17" x 7" wheels
  • Prodrive P1 suspension kit (STi version 6 struts/Eibach P1 matched springs)
  • Prodrive rear differential guard
  • Prodrive steering rack mount kit
  • Soundstream Class A 50 II amp
  • SPT/Lamco performance gauge pack
  • STi 21mm rear sway bar
  • STi 22B 4-pot front/2-pot rear brake kit
  • STi 22B hood vents
  • STi 22B stainless steel door sill scuff plates
  • STi 22B titanium fender emblems (x2)
  • STi air duct (intercooler)
  • STi aluminum control arms (JDM)
  • STi aluminum hood (JDM)
  • STi carbon-fiber front strut tower brace
  • STi emblem (carbon)
  • STi engine mounts (L/R)
  • STi fog light covers and brackets
  • STi front grille ornament (JDM)
  • STi front grille (JDM)
  • STi Genome turbo boost gauge with controller
  • STi Group N strut top mounts (L/R, F/R)
  • STi intercooler water spray system (JDM)
  • STi lateral link set (full pillow)
  • STi license plate frame
  • STi lightweight bumper beams (F/R)
  • STi lower arm bar
  • STi muffler hangers (x3)
  • STi pink “i” front grille emblem (JDM)
  • STi pitching stopper
  • STi power folding mirrors and control switch (JDM)
  • STi radiator hose set
  • STi rear strut tower brace
  • STi reinforced timing belt
  • STi S202 oil cooler kit (JDM)
  • STi short-throw shifter (5MT)
  • STi stainless steel braided brake lines
  • STi stainless steel pedal set
  • STi titanium shift knob
  • STi trailing link set
  • STi transmission mount (5MT)
  • STi version 8 carpet mats
  • STi version 8 fuel pump included with swap
  • STi version 8 fuel tank included with swap
  • STi version 8 muffler
  • STi WRX EJ257 motor (2005 USDM)
  • STi WRX Spec C version 7 front seats (JDM)
  • STi WRX Spec C version 8 steering wheel (JDM)
  • STi WRX version 5/6 clear taillights (JDM)
  • STi WRX version 5/6 rear spats (JDM)
  • STi WRX version 6 front lip spoiler (JDM)
  • Subaru dual cup holder
  • Nengun Performance® Top Fuel Power NEO
  • Viper alarm system
  • Zero/Sports Cool Action Intercooler Splitter
  • Zero/Sports WRC crank pulley



I'm sure that I can find other parts to add to it, though.


-Wesley Nishimoto, Sacramento, CA


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