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X Games 16 Rally Car Build

Let the Games Begin!


The past four X Games Rallies have been exciting events. The speed, power slides, jumps, and close competition between American and international stars have had fans at the edges of their seats.


This year promises more, with door-to-door racing added. Let's see what the chosen competitors do side by side in cars that accelerate ferociously and fly through the air. Welcome to X Games 16 Rally.





X Games 12 Rally


  • Rally legend Colin McRae and co-driver Nicky Grist along with Tanner Foust/Scott Crouch competed under the SRT USA and Vermont SportsCar banners.
  • The event started in the desert north of Los Angeles. Eight stages were run on Wednesday preceding the Super Special at The Home Depot Center the following weekend.
  • The competitors tackled the Super Special course one at a time, from slowest to quickest.


Find details in Drive Performance Version 3.2.


X Games 13 Rally


  • No stages preceded the racing at The Home Depot Center.
  • The racing was set up in brackets, with two cars running at the same time; the quicker car moved on to the next bracket, and the slower one packed up and went home.
  • Racing started on the stadium floor, where one car jumped over the path of the other; the cars exited the stadium on two tracks that returned to the stadium.
  • The jump was about 70 feet!
  • Invited guests driving for the Subaru factory team were Colin McRae with co-driver Carolyn Bosley and road-racer Boris Said, who was teamed with American rally legend John Buffum.


Find details in Version 4.3.


X Games 14 Rally


  • Winners were determined by bracket racing, and the big jump on the stadium floor remained. But the tracks outside The Home Depot Center were tighter and allowed the audience to view the cars side by side.
  • The Subaru factory team consisted of invitees Travis Pastrana, Ken Block, newcomer Dave Mirra, and British driver Niall McShea.


Find details in Version 5.3.


X Games 15 Rally


  • Bracket racing again determined the winner, and the jump on the stadium floor was retained.
  • The narrower course outside the stadium floor once again put the competitors side by side. 
  • Drivers competed without co-drivers.
  • The three cars fielded by SRT USA were driven by Ken Block, Dave Mirra, and Travis Pastrana.


Find details in Version 6.3.


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